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GPP4 – The Latest Update as Interest Grows

GPP4 – The Latest Update as Interest Grows

Excitement is building as the fourth iteration of the Good Publication Practice (also known as GPP4) guidance nears completion. At the 2022 European Meeting of ISMPP in late January, Dan Bridges (CEO, Nucleus Global) of the GPP4 Steering Committee presented information on the team’s progress. Watch the video to view this GPP4 update…

Building an ISMPP Educational Plan to Move Us All Forward

Building an ISMPP Educational Plan to Move Us All Forward

ISMPP consistently provides foundational educational resources for medical publication and communication professionals worldwide. To ensure alignment with the future educational needs of our members and to inform development of a longer-term, dynamic educational plan, the ISMPP Education Task Force launched a needs assessment survey in Q1 2021…

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Robert J. Matheis
ISMPP President and CEO

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A Snapshot into Medical Affairs

A Snapshot into Medical Affairs

What does a Medical Affairs team look like at a pharmaceutical/biotechnology company? Is it like a bag of M&M’S® with similar functions, or is it unique from company to company, like a fingerprint? We conducted a survey of ISMPP members in March 2021, that provides insights into what comprises Medical Affairs at pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies…

What Would You Do?

In our role as medical publication professionals, we may occasionally encounter situations in which it is not obvious how to ensure good publication practice. Have you ever wished you could consult the ISMPP membership for guidance when these situations arise? Here’s your opportunity!

What Would You Do? is a section of The MAP that presents case scenarios as an educational tool for medical publication professionals. The section provides a case scenario to ponder, and readers are invited to participate in a poll by selecting one of the listed solutions. Readers can also submit their thoughts on the scenario anonymously. The poll results, plus educational insights, are posted in a later issue for readers to digest.

POLL RESULTS: Preprint Review Results in Added Author?

An external author posts the first draft of a preclinical manuscript on his/her department preprint server to invite review and comments from colleagues who performed some of the work yet did not meet all ICMJE criteria for full authorship. This author is now petitioning the author group to add one more colleague who provided insightful comments to the author byline…


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