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ISMPP Member Publications and Presentations

ISMPP Member Publications and Presentations

ISMPP is pleased to share information about a publication on Good Practice for Conference Abstracts and Presentations (GPCAP); a publication and presentation related to Good Publication Practice 3 (GPP3) guidelines in the Asia Pacific region; and publications on open access policies of medical journals, medical writing support and clinical trial reporting, and…

Did You Know? Important Changes to the US Sunshine Act and More

Did You Know? Important Changes to the US Sunshine Act and More

The Educational Series on Data and Financial Transparency has been updated and is now available in the Member Center section of ISMPP’s website. The Educational Series is provided as a benefit to ISMPP members. An important addition to the Educational Series slide set is new information about…

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Robert J. Matheis
ISMPP President and CEO

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Death by PowerPoint is a Preventable Condition

Death by PowerPoint is a Preventable Condition

Despite presentations having long been at the heart of communication within our industry, they are still a format we struggle to optimize. Following our practical and well-received parallel session, Working with PowerPoint as your Co-presenter, at the 15th Annual Meeting of ISMPP…

What Would You Do?

In our role as medical publication professionals, we may occasionally encounter situations in which it is not obvious how to ensure good publication practice. Have you ever wished you could consult the ISMPP membership for guidance when these situations arise? Here’s your opportunity!

What Would You Do? is a new section of The MAP that presents case scenarios as an educational tool for medical publication professionals. The section provides a case scenario to ponder, and readers are invited to participate in a poll by selecting one of the listed solutions. Readers can also submit their thoughts on the scenario anonymously. The poll results, plus educational insights, are posted in a later issue for readers to digest.

POLL: Journal Editor Makes Substantial Changes on Page Proofs

You are a medical publication professional and have achieved acceptance of a manuscript into a top-tier journal after much discussion among authors and peer reviewers, resulting in several rewrites of the manuscript and its associated conclusions. You have now received page proofs for which comments need to be returned to the journal within 48 hours. The journal editor has made additional substantial changes…


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