Richa Chhabra, MS (Pharm), ISMPP CMPP™, Adelphi Communications Limited, UK; Sally Hassan, PhD, ISMPP CMPP™, UK; Lana Vegman, PharmD, ISMPP CMPP™, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, US

What does a Medical Affairs team look like at a pharmaceutical/biotechnology company? Is it like a bag of M&M’S® with similar functions, or is it unique from company to company, like a fingerprint? We conducted a survey of ISMPP members in March 2021, that provides insights into what comprises Medical Affairs at pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies.

Simply put, Medical Affairs is the department within a pharmaceutical, medical device, or biotechnology company that develops scientific materials and communicates accurate, credible information to healthcare providers. The communication of precise medical and scientific information is a key aspect of the Medical Affairs team.1 Although Medical Affairs teams have a common goal, they can consist of several functions, and the roles and responsibilities of “Medical Affairs” differ across organizations. To find out what comprises “Medical Affairs,” ISMPP members completed a perspective-based survey (detailed below [Figure]). 



1. McGrail S. Impact of Medical Affairs on the Pharmaceutical Industry. PharmaNewsIntel Feb 2021; Impact of Medical Affairs on the Pharmaceutical Industry (

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