An industry client working on regional publications submits a manuscript to a journal before all authors have approved the final content and before a full data check has been performed. The authors had reviewed all previous drafts of the manuscript.

What Would You Do?

A. Do nothing and wait for the journal to provide peer reviewer comments; it is too late to do anything

B. Recommend that the client contacts the journal to explain that the manuscript was submitted before all steps were completed and ask if the submission can be put on hold until the submission site is updated with the author approved version

C. Explain the situation to the authors and ask for their approval of the now submitted manuscript; any further comments and the accuracy check can be completed during the peer review process and changes incorporated in response to reviewers

D. Schedule a meeting with all the authors to explain the situation and ask for their guidance on next steps

This poll is closed. Results will be posted in July 2021.

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