GPP4: An Update from the Steering Committee

The International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) is honored to support the fourth iteration of Good Publication Practices (GPP4) and to announce that the GPP4 Steering Committee has made substantial progress in developing this critical document for medical publication professionals. GPP is the most comprehensive and credible document that guides the work of medical publication professionals globally. It is updated periodically to address the evolving nature of the profession.

Updates to GPP4

GPP4 is being developed with the intent to address key areas that medical publication professionals face and to provide guidance to support best practices and ethics in the development of scientific and medical publications. This latest iteration of the document will contain core best practices, in addition to the following updates:

  • A new section on the role of, and information to, the patient
  • Broadening the prior section on the role of professional medical writers to the roles of publication professionals
  • Adding guidance on additional publication/communication types, including health economics and outcomes research (HEOR)/real-world evidence (RWE) and enhanced/supplemental content
  • Guidance on social media usage
  • A new section on journal selection

We are grateful for the strong and steady effort of the Steering Committee, led by Dan Bridges (Nucleus Global, Medical Communications) and Lise Baltzer (formerly Novo Nordisk) who have directed a focused effort toward the timely release for GPP4.

“Over the past year, the GPP4 Steering Committee has considered various sections currently included in GPP3 and has vetted several new topics to add into GPP4. Indeed, we endeavor to provide guidance on areas that face our continuously evolving profession. We are grateful for the ongoing work of the Steering Committee members, who are driving the document toward completion.” – Dan Bridges, GPP4 Steering Committee co-chair

Current Status of GPP4

The GPP4 Steering Committee is actively drafting the document and endeavors to have a multidisciplinary review by peers prior to the end of 2020. The Committee will work closely with ISMPP leadership to identify an appropriate review panel. Journal submission of the final document is planned for Q1 2021. A target journal is currently pending discussion. 

GPP4 Steering Committee

ISMPP recognizes and appreciates the steady effort provided by the GPP4 Steering Committee, represented by the following members:

  • Dan Bridges, co-chair (Nucleus Global)
  • Lise Baltzer, co-chair (Independent Global Medical Publication Professional)
  • Faith DiBiasi (Otsuka Pharmaceuticals)
  • Trevor Lane (Edanz Group Ltd.)
  • Christine Vanderlinden (GlaxoSmithKline)
  • Lisa DeTora (Hofstra University)
  • Eline Hanekamp (Excerpta Medica)
  • Leslie Citrome (Editor, Journal of Clinical Practice)
  • Laura Dormer (Future Science Group)
  • Angela Sykes (Pfizer)
  • Dikran Toroser (Takeda)

ISMPP is grateful for the efforts of all the Steering Committee members and looks forward to providing future updates. Please stay in touch with GPP4 development on Twitter at #GPP4.

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