ISMPP recently announced the launch of our new podcast, InformED. We are now excited to share that our first podcast series – Expanding the Reach of Medical Communications – will start on Tuesday, June 9, 2020. Hear the episode, “Measuring Publication Value: What are Impact Metrics for Publications?”

Alice Choi, Chief Operating Officer at McCann Health, will share her insights on impact metrics for publications, covering topics from the relevance of impact factor; the use and value of altmetrics; considerations related to plain language summaries, social media, and bite-sized content; the possible effects of COVID-19 on publication metrics; and the benefits of taking “a more holistic view of what we’re trying to achieve.”

“I’m a big advocate of that holistic approach at the start of a publication plan, or indeed any individual publication. Think really hard about the information you are trying to convey, making sure that it actually meets an unmet need, and thinking about the channels and way that the relevant stakeholders absorb information.”

Alice Choi, McCann Health

Robert Matheis, ISMPP President & CEO, will host the four episodes below in the Expanding the Reach of Medical Communications series.

EpisodePodcast Topic
1Measuring Publication Value: What are Impact Metrics for Publications?
2Open Access: Opportunities and Challenges
3Plain Language Summaries: Best Practices
4Digital Enhancements: Which are Worth the Investment?
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ISMPP thanks MedThink SciCom and Evergreen Podcasts for their generous support in the development and launch of InformED.

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