An Educational Partnership with the University of Florida College of Pharmacy

Hardly a workday goes by that medical publication professionals aren’t faced with the business challenge to communicate the value of a drug to new stakeholders. This rapidly evolving field depends on a firm understanding of real world evidence (RWE), as well as economic, patient-reported, and clinical outcomes data generated by health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) teams and Medical Affairs groups. For many years, ISMPP has provided numerous offerings to educate its members on the growing importance of HEOR, RWE, and Market Access. And now, we’ve gone one step further. 

As a demonstration of ISMPP’s commitment to preparing the profession to meet (and exceed) the demands in the market, we are pleased to remind all ISMPP members and employees about the educational partnership with the University of Florida (UF) College of Pharmacy’s online graduate program in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy that offers a graduate certificate, M.S., and M.S. + M.B.A. degree options.  

What is the member benefit? The ISMPP + UF educational partnership provides tuition discounts of 50 percent off the first and last class of the online graduate program, as well as the potential to secure additional discounts for employers who send multiple students through the program. This is a savings of $2,250!

What are the degree options? There are three degree options from which to choose: graduate certificate, M.S., or concurrent M.S. + M.B.A.

What are the areas of focus? Choose from four specialty tracks: Applied Pharmacoeconomics, Managed Care Pharmacy Systems, Patient Safety in Medication Use, or Pharmaceutical Regulation. The degree is a Master of Science in Pharmacy, Major in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Concentration in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy. Provided that you complete all required courses in your chosen focus area, you will also earn a graduate certificate in that area. Your official UF transcript will show both of these credentials. 

Is this an online program? Yes! This flexible and convenient graduate program is online, and almost all students continue to work full-time. Classes are held in the evenings, and coursework is manageable for a full-time professional. You can complete this program or individual classes from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. 

Do the diploma or transcript show that I completed the classes online? No. The degree earned is the same as on-campus students earn, and neither the diploma nor the transcript say that the program was completed online.

How long does it take to complete the M.S. degree?  Many students complete the M.S. degree in as little as 5 semesters, but the program is flexible. Need a little more time because of the demands of life or job? Take a full or half semester off when needed. Students have up to seven years to complete the program.

When do classes start? Students may start in the Fall, Spring, or Summer.

Why did ISMPP partner with University of Florida? The University of Florida and its College of Pharmacy is a top 10-ranked, internationally-recognized academic institution and college, and the UF Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy graduate program is well-established, having delivered online graduate degrees to more than 400 individuals worldwide. Many of these graduates are leaders in our industry. ISMPP established this new alliance with UF “to broaden our Society’s ability to address the educational needs of medical publication and communication professionals in the areas of health economics and outcomes research, managed care, regulatory science and patient safety, providing access to online graduate-level education in high-demand sectors of the health care and pharmaceutical industry,” said Robert J. Matheis, ISMPP President and CEO.

I’m an employer and need a way to educate my employees on new industry trends and issues. What are my options? UF has worked with employers to offer classes to multiple employees in areas of need. Tuition discounts are available to employers that enroll multiple students in the program. To discuss this option, please contact the University of Florida here.

What are some examples of courses? Examples of courses from all four specialty tracks include: Commercial Applications of Pharmacoeconomic Principles, Evidence-based Medicine and Comparative Effectiveness, Pharmaceutical Pricing & Reimbursement, Patient Safety Program Evaluation, Federal & State Regulation of Drugs & Pharmacy, Medical and Pharmacy Benefit Design, and many others. Visit the University of Florida website for more details on individual specialty tracks and curriculum. 

How can I learn more? Interested students or employers can learn more by visiting the online graduate program’s website (, or by viewing a recent on-demand informational webinar ( Information is also available on the ISMPP website (

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