The 2020 European Meeting of ISMPP was a resounding success, with a record-setting 350 attendees – an impressive 17% increase over the 300 attendees seen the past two years!

Meeting attendees were taken on a fascinating journey from today’s environment through to the futurescape of medical publications and medical communications. The meeting theme, Precision Communication: Achieving Clarity, Reach and Value, highlighted the increasing need for personalization of communications to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are met.

The ISMPP U webinar on February 26, 2020, will present highlights of the 2020 European Meeting, held January 20-21, in London, UK.

ISMPP U Webinar
Highlights of the 2020 European Meeting of ISMPP
Wednesday, February 26, 2020
11 am EST, 4 pm in the UK

Keynote Addresses

David McCandless presented a compelling Day 1 Keynote Address, focusing on the intricacies of data analysis and presentation, and the benefits of looking at datasets in varying ways. David is a globally renowned author – Knowledge is Beautiful and Information is Beautiful, a data-journalist, and an information designer.

Amelia Kallman – a London-based futurist, speaker, and author – shared her interest in technology developments as the Day 2 Keynote Speaker. Amelia talked about machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented/mixed reality, plus a variety of innovative medical technologies. 

Plenary Sessions

#ImproveYourAudienceReach Reaching Our Publication Audiences provided information on how scientific content is received by audiences and presented insights on how to publish and communicate scientific data so that it is accessible to all audiences.

#WinWithNewPartnerships Achieving Precision Communications through Novel Publication Partnerships featured a multidisciplinary panel that discussed scientific communication partnerships and how they may evolve in the future, and shared practical examples for forming and implementing novel partnerships.

#InspireTheDataJourney Innovations in the Era of Precision Communications: Enhancing Value Across the Data Journey followed the “journey of a dataset” from study concept to ultimate impact of the data, and highlighted innovations at congresses and other forums to advance data dissemination and help ensure health care practitioners have access to the data they need. 

#TheISMPPFutureRocks Futurescape: Immersive, Inventive and In Your Hands explored how technology developments – telemedicine, health care apps, artificial intelligence, etc. – are likely to impact health care delivery and in what ways medical publications and communications may be altered to achieve precision communications.

Parallel Sessions, Roundtables, and a Member Proposal Session

#MSLCommunicateWider Precision Communication: Building on Publications for Wider Communication Strategies discussed how publication leads can collaborate with various stakeholders, particularly medical affairs team members, on enhanced data dissemination and scientific communications and how to address education gaps.

#PLSForAll Plain Language Summaries of Publications: Definition, Development and Dissemination considered how publication professionals can build their skills to develop effective plain language summaries and how to utilize different dissemination channels to reach varying audiences, including patients.

#SCPsDig_it Clear, Consistent, Correct: Why the Scientific Communication Platform Matters presented the basics for developing scientific communication platforms (SCPs), provided information on how SCPs differ based on the developmental stage of the product, and shared best practices for implementation of an SCP.

The Roundtable session featured 11 topics, with many of them approved for CMPP recertification credit. The topics included Authorship: Practical Challenges, Preprints, Country-Level Publications, Open Access to Scholarly Content, and Patient Engagement.

A new Member Proposal session was added to this year’s European Meeting program. The session titled “Medical Publications: A Profession Fit for the Future?” discussed the changing aspects of the medical publications industry, its impact on recruitment and working practices, and how to adjust personal development plans and job descriptions.

Member Research

Informative member research from 27 posters was presented during the 2020 European Meeting. All member research was on display during the Poster Session & Networking Reception, sponsored by Takeda.

A Guided Poster Tour featured the following poster presentations:

  • Enhanced content to complement traditional publications: a case study of benefits and challenges
    Valerie Moss, Rob Campbell, and Neil Venn
  • Defining a process for developing and disseminating abstract plain language summaries for scientific congresses: A case study
    Dheepa Chari, Lauri Arnstein, Luciano Passador, Thomas Biegi, Simon Stones, Philip Matthews, Hazel Ward, and Margaret Gordon
  • Obtaining retrospective open access publishing: a Shire experience
    Christopher P Rains, Martin Delahunty, and Valerie Philippon
  • Registration and use of ORCID by pharma
    Sarah Sabir, Paul Farrow, Matt Buys, Ana Cardoso, James Munday, Tom Rees, and Alice Meadows

The following posters received awards at the meeting:

  • Best Reflective of Meeting Theme:
    Defining a process of developing and disseminating abstract plain language summaries for scientific congresses: A case study
    Dheepa Chari, Lauri Arnstein, Luciano Passador, Thomas Biegi, Simon Stones, Philip Matthews, Hazel Ward, and Margaret Gordon
  • Best Original Research:
    Prevalence, visibility, and reach of abstracts on the video-sharing platform, YouTube
    Maria Haughton
  • Most Valuable Digital Enhancement:
    Prevalence, visibility, and reach of abstracts on the video-sharing platform, YouTube
    Maria Haughton

ISMPP Update from Rob Matheis

Robert Matheis, ISMPP President and CEO, centered his ISMPP Update on the evolution of medical publication professionals into medical communications, and changes in how physicians are receiving their information about medical publications. He also presented a bold, future-looking statement on how “ISMPP is uniquely positioned to serve as the authority on scientific/medical publications and communications.” Look for exciting ISMPP developments to be announced in the coming months!

The Training Zone

The Training Zone, held as a satellite session, was tailored to those professionals who are new to publication planning. A multidisciplinary faculty of senior ISMPP members from pharma to agency to scientific publishing offered a mixture of educational presentations, interactive exercises, and lively group discussions to aid in learning the fundamentals of the medical publication professional’s role.

Charitable Donation

In honor of the esteemed faculty, ISMPP provided a charitable donation to the Australian Red Cross.

More Information

Gain further knowledge about the sessions and activities at the 2020 European Meeting:

  • The 2020 European Meeting Archive is available in the Member Center on ISMPP’s website; it contains session slides and member posters for personal, non-commercial use.
  • The Publication Plan has posted Day 1 and Day 2 summary reports of the 2020 European Meeting on its website.

Thank You to the EU Programme Committee and the Exhibitors and Sponsors!

ISMPP expresses our sincere appreciation to the EU Program Committee. Your commitment and enthusiasm culminated in a very successful 2020 European Meeting! 

ISMPP extends a heartfelt thank you to our exhibitors, sponsors, media partner, and event app partner.

2020 European Meeting Infographic, courtesy of Crystal Interactive

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