You are a publication professional. A non-industry author states on his/her conflict of interest (COI) form that he/she has “no COI” despite your knowledge that he/she is engaged by several companies for consultancy and speaker engagements.

What would you do?

  • Do nothing; you are not responsible for the accuracy of author COI
  • Disclose the COI even if the author neglects to state them
  • Point out the specific overlooked COI to the author as a courtesy, update the COI accordingly, and ask for him/her to confirm the updated COI
  • Explain to the author the importance of accurate disclosure of COI, asking him/her to think about any potentially overlooked COI without pointing it out specifically, with the author ultimately deciding what to disclose

This poll is now closed. Poll results will be released in The MAP in late June 2019.

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