ISMPP is pleased to share information about a journal editor survey conducted by Medical Publishing Insights & Practices (MPIP), the recent release of COMPare study results, and the 26 posters from the 2019 European Meeting of ISMPP.

MPIP Journal Editor Survey on Transparency and Credibility of Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trial Publications Published in CMRO

A publication titled, “Transparency and credibility of industry-sponsored clinical trial publications: a survey of journal editors,” was published online in Current Medical Research and Opinion (CMRO), in February 2019. The research was conducted by MPIP, with the objective to examine how medical journal editors perceive changes in transparency and credibility of industry-sponsored clinical trial publications over a five-year period (2010 to 2015).

The 293 journal editors who responded to the survey perceived an improvement in the transparency and credibility of industry-sponsored publications from 2010 to 2015. More editors reported improved versus worsened transparency (63.5% vs. 6.1%) and credibility (53.2% vs. 10.4%). Survey respondents confirmed the importance of nine of the MPIP Ten Recommendations for Closing the Credibility Gap. However, low adoption rates of the MPIP Ten Recommendations suggest that additional work is required by all stakeholders to improve best practices, transparency, and credibility.

All the publication authors are current or former ISMPP members: LaVerne A. Mooney, Lorna Fay, Barbara DeCastro, Tatjana A. Zanki, and Bernadette Mansi. Click here to access the publication.

For Your Information: COMPare Study Results Published in BioMed Central

Two publications from the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine Outcome Monitoring Project (COMPare), led by Ben Goldacre, were published in BioMed Central in February 2019.

  • COMPare: a prospective cohort study correcting and monitoring 58 misreported trials in real time” assessed all trials published over a six-week period in 2015, in five high-impact journals—New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Annals of Internal Medicine, The BMJ, and The Lancet. The study identified “every correctly and incorrectly reported outcome, comparing published reports against published protocols or registry entries, using CONSORT [Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials] as the gold standard.” For the 67 trials assessed, Goldacre et al. found that outcome reporting was poor overall, and wide variation existed between journals on correctly reported pre-specified primary outcomes, secondary outcomes, and undeclared additional outcomes. Of the 67 trials, 58 had discrepancies resulting in a correction letter submitted to the journal. Click here to access this publication.
  • “COMPare: Qualitative analysis of researchers’ responses to critical correspondence on a cohort of 58 misreported trials” analyzed all correspondence from trialists published by journals in response to correction letters. Goldacre et al. found that trialists “frequently expressed views that contradicted the CONSORT guidelines or made inaccurate statements about correct outcome reporting.” Click here to access this publication.

Members Present 26 Posters at 2019 European Meeting of ISMPP

With 26 posters presented at the 2019 European Meeting of ISMPP (January 22-23), member research covered a variety of hot topic categories, including digital/social media, patient advocacy, medical communications, and open access. ISMPP members can access the posters in the 2019 European Meeting Archive on ISMPP’s website. Abstracts will be published on April 15, 2019, in Current Medical Research and Opinion (CMRO).

Clinical Trials and HEOR/RWE
1 Evaluation of data reporting in real-world (RW) publications in clinical versus health economic (HE) journals Alaina Mitsch, Jason McDonough, Kimberly Brooks, Erin Brant, and Anisha Mehra
Digital/Social Media
2 Are journals utilising visual imagery to increase reader engagement? A social media analysis Charlotte Bell, Nina Kennard, and Damien Eade
3 Augmented reality pilot at congress medical booth engages health care providers on pathology and pathophysiology of key disease states Alia Bucciarelli, Joelle McCaslin, Brenna Murphy, and Heather Abourjaily
Good Publication Practice
4 Instructions for authors: Are they a real help or a nightmare? Pablo Pons, William Dolben, and Laura Pérez
5 Assessment of journal compliance with data sharing guidelines from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE)  Isabelle Kaufmann and William T Gattrell
Literature Search
6 The impact of data extrapolation on publication planning for etanercept and rituximab biosimilars Tony Reardon and Ben Caldwell
7 Defining “White Paper” publications in the peer-reviewed medical literature Arianna Psichas, Hinal Tanna, Danielle Sheard, and Debbie Nixon
8 Analysis of the prevalence of systematic versus narrative reviews over time Kimberly Brooks, Jason McDonough, Alaina Mitsch, Erin Brant, and Anisha Mehra
Medical Communications
9 Access to medical research: A survey of publication availability and utility for practicing physicians Neil Venn, Neil Foden, Valerie Moss, and Rebekah Sensecall
10 An analysis of permission fees for RightsLink orders: can we better inform our clients’ budgets? Jackie Marchington
11 Moving beyond the printed page: the medical writer’s role in creating podcasts Julliana Newman and Steven Inglis
12 Is pharmaceutical industry research posted as preprints? Tim Koder, Heather Lang, and Christopher C Winchester
13 Does time from first congress presentation to manuscript publication have an association with publication impact? Victoria Edwards, James O’Reilly, and Anna Georgieva
14 Who’s who in rare diseases: a case study in author identification Aimée Hall, Eleanor Thurtle, and Danielle Sheard
15 Does primary publication of pivotal clinical trial data influence speed of inclusion in treatment guidelines? Natalie Dennis, Jubilee Stewart, and Jill See
Open Access
16 Does publication with open access enhance article impact? Eric Southam, David Gothard, and Fran Young
17 An assessment of open access publishing at Shire before and after implementation of the Open Access Publication Policy Slavka Baronikova, Shailesh Y Desai, Valerie Philippon, and Christopher P Rains
18 Open access publishing of research affiliated to Ipsen, 2013–2017: a baseline assessment Heather Lang, Christopher C Winchester, and William T Gattrell
19 Citation rates for open-access versus pay-to-access articles in clinical journals specialising in paediatric medicine Moira A Hudson, Heather M Heerssen, Sheila M Curristin, and Alan Storey
Patient Advocacy
20 Where are biomedical research article plain-language summaries (PLS)?* Hannah FitzGibbon, Karen King, Ray Magee, Claudia Piano, Carol Wilk, and Mary Gaskarth
21 Evaluation of plain-language summaries (PLS): optimising readability and format Leia Martínez Silvagnoli, Jason Gardner, Caroline Shepherd, and James Pritchett
22 Developing plain language summaries of scientific congress abstracts – with patients, for patients: a feasibility study** Dheepa Chari, Karen Woolley, Lauri Arnstein, Margaret Gordon, Simon Stones, Anne Clare Wadsworth, Roslyn Schneider, and David A. Montgomery
23 How do patients and caregivers access scientific literature? Danielle Sheard, Julie Greenfield, Ruth Le Fevre, Aimée Hall, Annabel Griffiths, and Maria Haugton
24 Quality assessment of guidelines/recommendations developed using Delphi methodology William T Gattrell, Sarah J Clements, and Danielle Sheard
25 Are results from Human Factors Studies communicated consistently and transparently? Emma Phillips, Sarah Wayman, Vanessa Omnou, and Simon Foulcer
26 Patient acknowledgements in oncology trial publications – a way to go Matthew Booth, Natalie Dennis, Nichola Gokool, and Lisa Bullard

*Most Reflective of Meeting Theme award; **Best Original Research award

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