Medical Publishing Insights & Practices (MPIP) is pleased to introduce MPIP Insights for Authors—a series of short videos, developed in consultation with medical journal editors, to help authors improve quality and ensure credibility when submitting manuscripts that report the results of pharmaceutical industry-sponsored research.

Now available on the MPIP website are the first four videos in the series:

  • Introduction
  • Special Points to Consider When Publishing Pharmaceutical Industry-Sponsored Research
  • How to Identify and Minimize Bias in Publications
  • How to Meet Expectations of Journal Editors and Peer Reviewers

The MPIP Insights for Authors series should prove useful for all those interested in improving communication of medical research via peer-reviewed publications. Within each video, viewers will find insights from journal editors, tips and suggestions for manuscript development, examples of what to do and what to avoid, advice from experienced publication professionals, and resources with more detailed information on specific topics. As each video is designed to be succinct and stand on its own, viewers can watch one or more in the order they find useful. Medical publication professionals are encouraged to share the MPIP Insights for Authors series with their authors as an educational tool for publications development.

Although this series focuses on addressing issues and providing guidance on how to publish results of pharmaceutical industry-sponsored research, much of the information presented is applicable to publication of all medical research, regardless of the funding source.

MPIP was founded by members of the pharmaceutical industry and ISMPP to elevate trust, transparency, and integrity in reporting the results of industry-sponsored research. The major goal of MPIP is to encourage more effective partnerships between trial sponsors and medical journals to continue to raise standards in medical publications and expand access to research results.

MPIP has also developed Transparency Matters, a global education platform and call to action designed to raise awareness, provide resources, and improve the quality and transparency in reporting the results of pharmaceutical industry-sponsored research. Transparency Matters has two initiatives specifically designed to promote individual accountability and encourage a visible testimony by industry and those involved in the dissemination of industry-sponsored research:

  1. Take the Transparency Pledge

Anonymously pledge to support the timely, accurate, complete, balanced, and transparent reporting of industry-sponsored research results in adherence with appropriate guidelines and ethical standards.

  1. Submit a quote on What Transparency Means to Me

Join the conversation and share what transparency means to you by providing a quote and selecting accompanying imagery.

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