ISMPP is pleased to share information about the 51 posters presented at its 14th Annual Meeting, plus recent ISMPP member presentations at MedComms Networking events. The Society encourages members to publish and present research and information related to publishing practices to advance the medical publications profession and improve standards and best practices.

A Record 51 Posters at the 14th Annual Meeting of ISMPP

A record-setting 51 posters were presented at the 14th Annual Meeting of ISMPP, April 30-May 2, 2018. Posters covered various timely topics and were organized into four categories – Quality and Transparency, Metrics and Measurements, Professional Issues and Industry Trends, and Tools & Technology.

ISMPP members can access the posters in the 14th Annual Meeting Archive housed in the Member Center section of the ISMPP website. The abstracts were published on April 30, 2018, as a supplement in Current Medical Research and Opinion (CMRO). In addition, poster award winners for Best Original Research, Best Practice, and Best in Visual Communication will be spotlighted during a special 90-minute ISMPP U webinar, Highlights of the 14th Annual Meeting of ISMPP: From Publication to Practice: Advancing Science Through Effective Communication, on Wednesday, June 20, 2018, at 11 am EDT/4 pm GMT. Thank you to all who submitted your medical publications research!

Quality and Transparency
1 Time to publication of clinical studies after implementation of 18-month submission policy Elizabeth A. Whann, Mike Kalogiannis and LaVerne A. Mooney
2 Enhancing the authorship experience, one survey at a time Brittany Jordan, Wil Glass, Jeri Freeman and Amy Kuang
3 Improving communication with external authors through leveraged survey feedback  Susan A. Nastasee, Jennifer Hughes, Nicole Griggs and Susan Hannah
4 An assessment of uniformity between publisher and journal guidelines for author disclosure in practice Kelly Piechota, Meghan Corsetto, Mary Kunjappu, Kerry Quinn-Senger, Barbara Zeman and Mina Patel
5 Impact of data sharing on publication practices in light of the ICMJE requirements Stephen H Lee, MaryKate Lesnevich, Judith Lenhart and Robert Matheis
6 Consistency of clinical data reporting between and publications Michelle Rebello, Aparna Nori, Sudha Korwar, Urvashi Nikte, Kushal Banerjee and Namita Bose
7 Safety reporting in publications of industry-sponsored clinical trials: Evaluation of adherence to adverse events reporting recommendations Sangita P Patil, Madhavi P Patil and Vatsal Shah
8 Evaluation of data reporting in real-world (RW) publications in clinical versus health economic (HE) journals Alaina Mitsch, Jason McDonough, Kimberly Brooks, Erin Brant and Anisha Mehra
9 Benchmarking publication timing of orphan drugs approved in 2015-2016 Ruthvik Malladi, Anastasia McManus, Amy Monpara and Angela M Partisano
10 Financial transparency reporting by pharmaceutical companies: 2017 update Sonia A. Schweers, Karen Mittleman, Julie Vandekerckhove, Brian P. Sharkey, Bhakti Kshatriya and Robert J. Matheis
11 How is the pharma industry implementing the Sunshine Act for publications in 2017 versus 2016? Marion Enie, Hilary Carnochan, Jaromir Myszczynski and Jeanette Cook
Metrics and Measurements
12 Knowledge and use of social media and web-based metrics among medical publication professionals: Findings of the ISMPP Working Group Catherine Skobe, Sara Rouhi, Andy Shepherd and Anna Geraci
13 Do rare-disease publications attract social media attention? Paul Lane, Heidi Becker and Sara Rouhi
14 Do industry-sponsored clinical trials receive more attention online than non-industry trials? An exploration of selected Springer Nature oncology journals Stacy Konkiel and Pooja Aggarwal
15 Does time from first congress presentation to manuscript publication affect publication impact? Victoria Edwards, James O’Reilly and Anna Georgieva
16 Does publication impact vary by whether an analysis is prespecified or post hoc? Rob Coover, Andy Shepherd, Myka Ababon and Dana Fox
17 Article-level metrics as a tool for journal selection within a select therapeutic space Susan M. Kaup
18 Development of a new algorithm and impact metric for scientific journals Joseph Laudano, Saman Hong, Paul Skirbe, George Wei and Robert Matheis
19 Augmenting traditional gap analyses with data from Altmetric Chelsea Higgins, Caryn Trbovic, Pia Guinto, Samantha D’Iorio, Heidi Becker, Stacy Konkieland and Anne Horner
20 Using digital online influencer analysis to supplement traditional influencer identification Caryn Trbovic, Chelsea Higgins, Pia Guinto, Samantha D’Iorio, Heidi Becker, Stacy Konkiel and Anne Horner
21 Analysis of dissemination and accessibility of conference presentations Shweta Pitre, Priya Ganpathy, Ramji Narayanan, Madhavi Patil and Vatsal Shah
Professional Issues and Industry Trends
22 Survey evidence to advance advocacy: Awareness of publication professional initiatives at the Peer Review Congress*** Karen L. Woolley, Slavka Baronikova, Alice Choi, Mary Gaskarth, Anna Geraci, Mieko Hamana, Jackie Marchington, Elizabeth A. Whann, Chris C. Winchester and Fran Young
23 Patient involvement…or not?  Analysis of “patient involvement” statements in clinical trial publications in The BMJ Anne-Clare Wadsworth, Lauri Arnstein, Thomas Gegeny, Rachel Jones, Arabella Sargent, Antonio Ciaglia, Beverley Yamamoto, Richard Stephens and Karen L. Woolley
24 Use of PubMed Commons – still not so common? Paul Lane, Brian Grice and Karen L. Woolley
25 Patient involvement in preparing clinical research peer-reviewed publications or results summaries: A systematic review Karen L Woolley, Anne-Clare Wadsworth, Antonio Ciaglia, Beverley Yamamoto, Richard Stephens, Lauri Arnstein, Rachel Jones, Arabella Sargent and Tom Gegeny
26 Patient involvement in publications of industry-sponsored research: Cross-sectional survey Dawn Lobban, Anne-Clare Wadsworth and Karen L Woolley
27 Patient information needs and relevant channels Anna Georgieva, Niina Nuottamo, Michelle McNamara and Saskia Bijvank
28 Engagement of patient advocacy groups in rare disease clinical development and publication of results Shobhana Natarajan, Amanda Alvarez-Dieppa, Sharon Cousin, Edmund H. Doherty, Jennifer Farmer, Alexandra R. Willcockson and Kara Eichelkraut
29 Does publication with open access enhance article impact? Fran Young, Jürgen Wiehn, David Gothard and Eric Southam
30 Baseline assessment of Open Access publishing at Shire Slavka Baronikova, Shailesh Y Desai and Christopher P Rains
31 Citation rates for open-access versus pay-to-access peer-reviewed articles in clinical oncology journals Ali Hassan, Shilpa Aggarwal, Jamie Kistler and Aaron Hazzard
32 Ongoing ORCID implementation within the pharmaceutical industry: An Open Pharma and GSK Vaccines initiative Santosh Mysore, Paul Farrow, Laura Paglione, Laura Schmidt and Christine Vanderlinden
33 Proportion of real-world/health-economic evidence publications in clinical journals increased over the past decade Tessa E Hartog, Bilge Yoruk, Yunyu Huang, Niina Nuottamo and Hester Van Lier
34 Has publication policy adapted to the growing importance of real-world data? James Wallis, Anisha Mehra, Alex Fower, Charlotte Bell and Jason McDonough
35 Real-World Evidence (RWE) publications are an integral part of company-evidence submissions for payer discussions Hester van Lier, Miriam de Boeck, Victoria Edwards, Eline Hanekamp, Tessa E Hartog, Grace Richmond and Remon WM van den Broek
36 Evaluation of a medical writing certificate program’s specializations, student information, and workforce data Tim K. Mackey, Donna Simcoe, R. Michelle Sauer, Lori Alexander and Leslie Bruce
37 Awareness of medical writing profession and its growth avenues: An online survey Mittal Makhija and Pinki Rajeev
38 The role of systematic literature reviews in clinical trial design: An evidence-based review Philip Sjostedt, Cindy Busch and Nicole A. Coolbaugh
39 Analysis of the prevalence of systematic versus narrative reviews over time Kimberly Brooks, Jason McDonough, Alaina Mitsch, Erin Brant and Anisha Mehra
40 Publication types among disease states: Assessment of review type, trial phase, and journal impact factor Judy Fallon, Lisa M. Klumpp Callan, Charles Edward Jefford, Valerie Philippon and Shweta Rane
41 Publication trends associated with newly approved orphan drugs Catherine Woods, Elizabeth A. Kitchens and Holly Zoog
42 Current trends in authorship of industry-sponsored publications Brian Scheckner, Teresa L Steininger, Nathan R Rustay, Samira Q. Harper and Francois Di Trapani
43 Do journals restrict access to commercially funded research? Tim Ellison, Laura Schmidt and Tim Koder
44 Access to medical research: A survey of publication availability and utility for practicing physicians*** Neil Venn, Neil Foden, Valerie Moss and Rebekah Sensecall
45 Peer-reviewed publications: Do physicians still actually read them?* Michael Thompson, Kieran Davey, Tanja Torbica, Hollie Robinson and Jane Nunn
Tools & Technology
46 How do medical publication professionals engage with online news resources? Hannah Mace, Louise Niven, Duncan Campbell and Ryan Woodrow
47 Availability of enhanced content in journals publishing manuscripts referenced in clinical guidelines Tracy Bunting-Early, Paul B. Tisdale, Robert Goodwin and Paul Farrow
48 Video versus peer-reviewed publications: The battle for effective communication** Niina Nuottamo, Mirella Mels and Marcel Meijer
49 Beyond the printed poster: Use of electronic opportunities at scientific meetings Valerie Moss, Tina Tremaine, Amber Lynch and Neil Venn
50 Addressing an unmet need: Development of an internal central repository for the storage of publically presented scientific data Samantha Koth, Alyssa Bowling, Christine Padilla and Gramos Saliu
51 A consolidated checklist to standardize the reporting of real world evidence studies based on retrospective data analyses Rishabh Pandey, Ellen Baum, Harry Ma, Prabhakar Pandey, Pralhad Dhagale, Ankita Sawant and Vatsal Shah

*Best Original Research award; **Best Practice award; ***Best in Visual Communication award (tie)

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