Dear ISMPP Members,

With the 14th Annual Meeting of ISMPP just behind us, I realize how quickly an “ISMPP-Year” flies by. Looking back, I’m greatly appreciative of the time, insights, efforts, and work contributed by so many colleagues that have culminated in key accomplishments I’m excited to share with you now.

First, as mentioned in the April 18, 2018 release of The MAP newsletter, working together, the Strategic Workgroup and the ISMPP Board of Trustees (BOT) finalized a new Strategic Plan for ISMPP reaching over the next five years. Aspects of this plan, especially expanding into additional types of medical communications and establishing new partnerships, were featured in sessions at the 14th Annual Meeting. The related initiative to improve ISMPP digital offerings/capabilities is also underway, which will begin to provide members with easier access to a wealth of ISMPP content in the second half of 2018. An article just released in The MAP newsletter, titled “ISMPP: Looking to the Future,” shares further information about the Strategic Plan approach and outcomes. More examples of how ISMPP will implement the Strategic Plan will be shared over the coming months.

Member commitment to conducting and presenting results of their research at various ISMPP meetings continues to grow, as demonstrated by the high numbers of posters presented at the ISMPP European Meeting (27) and the 14th Annual Meeting (51) in 2018 – both record numbers of presentations! Of note, three posters with ISMPP member authors were presented at the Peer Review Congress in September 2017. Many of us would not have thought this possible, even four years ago when the Congress was last held. When our members ask and address important questions in our field, the sharing of results advance and help sustain the credibility of medical publication professionals. Thanks to all who have and remain invested in this worthwhile endeavor.

Outreach to related professional organizations has increased over the last year, as we’ve engaged AMCP regarding best publication practices for HEOR/RWE research, and progressed bi-directional information/content sharing with phactMI, ORCID, APAME, and MPIP. This fits with our strategic imperative to grow our membership and geographical footprint and expand into broader medical communications.

Lastly, we have enjoyed best-ever numbers of attendees registering for and attending our meetings, including the 2017 Asia Pacific Meeting, and the European Meeting and 14th Annual Meeting in 2018. The attendee feedback received about meeting content and format over the last few years has been valuable, enabling ISMPP staff and many committees to focus their efforts to better meet the educational and networking needs of our members. The newest ISMPP educational endeavor is to offer a West Coast ISMPP meeting in October 2018 in San Diego, California, USA, to attract new members from small biotech and device companies and focus on their unique needs.

In closing, it’s been a productive year, rich with personal learnings for me. I strongly encourage members to volunteer for ISMPP committees, participate in planning and delivering content in our meetings and workshops, and represent and advocate for publication professionals around the world. It’s been a pleasure working for the ISMPP membership, with my BOT colleagues and ISMPP staff, to explore new opportunities, plan for an expanded scope of members, and continue to advance and extend what ISMPP does and can do best.



With thanks and best wishes,
Juli Clark, Chair, 2017-2018 ISMPP Board of Trustees

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