ISMPP is pleased to share information about a recent blog authored by a Society member, plus the 27 posters from the 2018 European Meeting of ISMPP. The Society encourages members to publish and present research and information related to publishing practices to advance the medical publications profession and improve standards and best practices.

Role of Professional Medical Writers in Improving Clinical Trial Reporting Published in F1000 Research

An invited blog titled, “Can a checklist improve the quality of reporting of clinical trials?” was published in F1000 Research, in November 2017. In the blog, author Ira Mills discussed adherence to the Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT) guidelines and the CONSORT for Abstracts checklist. He explained the key role of professional medical writers in improving the quality of clinical trial reporting and encouraged a “call to arms” on some areas for improvement. The blog also emphasized the important role for professional medical writers to “work closely with authors and journals to provide training, writing, and reviewing.” Click here to access the blog.

Record 27 Posters at 2018 European Meeting of ISMPP

The 2018 European Meeting of ISMPP saw a record 27 posters at the conference. Posters offered a range of member research and were organized into seven categories, including clinical trials reporting, transparency, good publication practice, scholarly metrics, and patient advocacy.

ISMPP members can access all the posters in the European Meeting Archive housed in the Member Center section of the ISMPP website. The abstracts will also be published on April 30, 2018, in Current Medical Research and Opinion (CMRO). In addition, the two poster award winners for Best Original Research and Most Reflective of Meeting Theme will summarize their research during the ISMPP U webinar, Highlights of the 2018 European Meeting of ISMPP: Advancing Medical Publications in a Complex Evidence Ecosystem, held on Wednesday, March 21, 2018, at 11 am EDT/4 pm GMT.

Clinical Trials Reporting

1 Disclosing the results of clinical trials: how is the pharmaceutical industry doing? Slavka Baronikova, Jim Purvis, Christopher C Winchester, Eric Southam, Julie Beeso and Antonia Panayi
2 Association between professional medical writing support and the quality, ethics and timeliness of clinical trials reporting: a systematic review Obaro Evuarherhe, William Gattrell, Richard White and Christopher C Winchester
3 Withdrawn

Good Publication Practice

4 Survey evidence to advance advocacy: Awareness of publication professional initiatives at the Peer Review Congress* Karen L. Woolley, Slavka Baronikova, Alice Choi, Anna Geraci, Mieko Hamana, Jackie Marchington, Elizabeth A. Whann, Chris C. Winchester and Fran Young
5 Simultaneous submission of related manuscripts to journals: a case series Daniel Gilmartin, James O’Reilly, Yasmin Issop, Anna Georgieva and Rosalie Gadiot
6 A day in the life of systematic reviews: adherence to PRISMA guidelines in a cross-section of systematic reviews from a single day in 2017 Matthew Booth, Christina Campbell, Nichola Gokool, Chris Langford, John Redrobe and Tom Rees
7 Has publication policy adapted to the growing importance of real-world data? James Wallis, Anisha Mehra, Alex Fower, Charlotte Bell and Jason McDonough
8 Development and communication of the AMWA–EMWA–ISMPP Joint Position Statement on the role of professional medical writers Art Gertel, Christopher Winchester, Karen Woolley and Yvonne Yarker on behalf of the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) and International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP)

Literature Search

9 Ease of online accessibility to expert disease management guidelines Valerie Moss, Sam Lewtas, Jade Murdoch, Siobhan Peterson and Neil Venn
10 Reporting of Delphi methods to achieve consensus on guidelines in rare diseases Henrike K Resemann, Sarah Clements, Annabel Griffiths and Danielle Sheard

Medical Communications

11 Do we publish enough? Publication rates of ISMPP meeting abstracts Martin Neuner-Jehle
12 Why don’t Spanish-speaking physicians publish more in English? Pablo Pons, Laura Pérez and William Dolben
13 Do corresponding authors value the support of professional medical writers? Valeria Clausi, Caroline Shepherd, Jason Gardner, James Pritchett and Andrew Berrie
14 How do medical publication professionals engage with online news resources? Hannah Mace, Louise Niven, Duncan Campbell and Ryan Woodrow
15 Do authors fully utilize opportunities to share supplementary information at conferences? Neil Venn, Susanne Ulm, Talya Underwood and Valerie Moss

Patient Advocacy

16 Should we consider patients in communication plans? Anna Georgieva, Akvile Lukose, Niina Nuottamo, Nikki Moreland, Michelle McNamara and Saskia Bijvank
17 Involving patients in research from an industry-sponsored registry Åsa Lommelé and Matthew deSchoolmeester
18 Patient involvement…or not?  Analysis of “Patient Involvement” statements in clinical trial publications in The BMJ Anne-Clare Wadsworth, Lauri Arnstein, Rachel Jones and Karen L. Woolley

Scholarly Metrics

19 Can the social-media footprint of published articles predict long-term impact? Jürgen Wiehn, David Gothard and Eric Southam
20 What the h? Author h-index and impact factor: choosing the next target journal Rosie Morland, Miriam de Boeck, Daria Grisanzio, Andrea Marino and Manuela Pigors
21 Buzzwords in highly-cited manuscript abstracts Aimée Hall, Hinal Tanna, Megan Besford, Georgina Allen and Danielle Sheard
22 An analysis of online commentary to publications with industry and academic authors Jason McDonough, Alaina Mitsch, Katie Gersh, Kimberly Brooks and Anisha Mehra
23 An exploratory analysis of online activity surrounding simultaneous publication and congress presentation Andy Shepherd, Nicole Draghi and Gary Burd
24 Rare disease publications: How accessible are they? Eleanor Thurtle, Maria Haughton and Annabel Griffiths


25 Do journals restrict access to commercially funded research? Tim Ellison, Laura Schmidt and Tim Koder
26 Does ‘open access’ affect the amount of attention an article receives online? Charlotte Bell, Kirstie Park, Amy MacLucas, Anisha Mehra and Jason McDonough
27 Ongoing ORCID implementation within pharmaceutical industry: an Open Pharma and GSK Vaccines initiative Santosh Mysore, Paul Farrow, Laura Paglione, Laura Schmidt and Christine Vanderlinden

*Best Original Research award; Speed Research presentation; Most Reflective of Meeting Theme award

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