ISMPP is pleased to announce the availability of the Educational Series on Data and Financial Transparency, developed by the ISMPP Global Transparency Committee. This Educational Series was “designed to educate members and provide them with real-world resources to inform their worldwide approaches to data and financial transparency.”

Both data and financial transparency are critical, and have been in the spotlight for many years. Efforts by health authorities, regulatory bodies, the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), and other organizations have progressed transparency related to data disclosure and data sharing. Disclosure of financial payments to health care professionals became mandatory in the US with the “Physician Payments Sunshine Act,” and financial disclosure policies have also been adopted in other regions and countries, such as Europe, Canada, and Australia.

The objective of this Educational Series on Data and Financial Transparency is to:

  1. Increase awareness among publication professionals on the various guidances/policies that exist surrounding this topic
  2. Provide an overview of the different regulations in place in various countries
  3. Provide insight into the ethical and compliant way of conducting and reporting clinical trial and other publications

The full Educational Series is available to ISMPP members on the Member Center section of the Society’s website. Click here to access the slide module.

An ISMPP U webinar was also conducted in September 2017 highlighting various components of this Educational Series. ISMPP members can access a recording of this webinar by clicking here.

Members are encouraged to utilize the slide module as an educational tool on clinical data and financial transparency. The contents contained in the slide deck serve as a reference guide and DO NOT in any way represent or replace individual company policies on data and financial transparency.

For further information about the Educational Series, refer to the September 14, 2017 article in The MAP newsletter.

Special thanks to the following members of the Global Transparency Committee who contributed to the Educational Series slide module: Bhakti Kshatriya, Karen Mittleman, Kalyan Pulipaka, Kanaka Sridharan, and Eric Yu.

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