ISMPP has introduced a new Student Membership category, expanding its membership offerings to welcome future medical publication professionals.

The Society has been exploring Student Membership for the past year, and ultimately decided to proceed with this new membership category to fulfill a need for future professionals to have the opportunity to learn about ethical and effective publication practices and standards even before beginning their careers.

“ISMPP’s goal is to provide student members with tools and resources to expand their medical publications expertise while they are still a student, so they can transition successfully into their careers as medical publication professionals,” explained Al Weigel, ISMPP President and CEO. “Student members will have educational opportunities to learn about policies and guidelines impacting the profession, and best practices for the ethical and transparent publication of data.”

Student Membership will be offered at a reduced cost of $95 USD per year, compared to $195 USD per year for full membership. Student members will enjoy many of the same benefits as full members, with the exceptions that student members may not:

  • be nominated for, or elected to, a position on the ISMPP Board of Trustees;
  • vote in any Board election or participate in any other membership vote, such as an amendment to ISMPP’s Bylaws; or
  • volunteer on an ISMPP committee (unless invited by the Chair to represent student member needs for a specific initiative on an ad-hoc basis).

Qualifications for Student Membership

To qualify for ISMPP Student Membership, individuals cannot be working full time, and they must be:

  • an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in 9+ credits per semester, OR
  • enrolled in an accredited post-doctoral or resident program.

Student Member applicants must provide proof of current student status with one of the following documents (clearly showing current dates, the student’s name, and the school name and address):

  • Transcript or course list showing the courses enrolled in with current dates
  • Scanned copy of a current student identification card showing an explicit date (confirming enrollment for the current school year)
  • Letter from college student affairs or admissions office (on official college letterhead) stating that the student is enrolled during the current time period
  • Proof of an accepted offer to attend an eligible college or university with current dates

Additional information about the benefits and qualifications for Student Membership, plus a link to the Student Membership application, are available on ISMPP’s website at ISMPP encourages its members to notify students in their network about the Society’s new Student Membership offering.

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