ISMPP is pleased to share several recent publications and presentations by Society members. We encourage our members to publish and present research and information related to publishing practices to advance the medical publications profession, and improve standards and best practices.

AMWA-EMWA-ISMPP Medical Writer Joint Position Statement Focus of MedComms Networking Event, Plus AMWA and EMWA Journal Articles

The Joint Position Statement on the Role of Professional Medical Writers by the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), European Medical Writers Association (EMWA), and ISMPP was the focus of the MedComms Networking’s Brunch Club event on April 5, 2017. Released in January 2017, the Joint Position Statement is the first unified position on the role of professional medical writers from three leading professional organizations.

ISMPP members who presented on the Joint Position Statement at The Brunch Club were:

  • Chris Winchester, who shared informative background and details on the new Joint Position Statement.
  • Paul Farrow, who “unpacked the evidence” behind the Joint Position Statement.

These and other presentations are housed in a library of webcasts available on the website. Recently, Caroline Halford presented on the use of social media and digital features to maximize the impact of research.

The Joint Position Statement was also published in open-access articles in the AMWA Journal and EMWA Medical Writing journal in March 2017. Yvonne Yarker, Chair of ISMPP’s Board of Trustees, and ISMPP member Karen Woolley served as the Society’s representatives to the Writing Committee for the Joint Position Statement. ISMPP member Chris Winchester also contributed to the Writing Committee as the EMWA representative.

“High Non Publication Rate from Publication Professionals” Article Available in PeerJ

An article titled, “High non publication rate from publication professionals hinders evidence-based publication practices: a replication study in Europe,” authored by Jackie Marchington, was made available as a pre-print version in PeerJ in October 2016. The article reports on the publication rate of abstracts accepted for the ISMPP European Meeting from 2011 to 2016. Click here to access the article.

This replication study confirmed previous findings from a study of ISMPP Annual Meeting abstracts, which found that the publication rate of member research from ISMPP meetings in the peer-reviewed literature is low. The author concluded that ISMPP members “should be encouraged to conduct robust research and share it with the academic community.”

Recoding Scientific Publishing: Raising the Bar in an Era of Transformation Recently Released

Bhakti Kshatriya released her new book, Recoding Scientific Publishing: Raising the Bar in an Era of Transformation, in January 2017. The book provides an overview of the current scientific publishing landscape – who is involved, step-by-step process for publication planning, how publications are developed and eventually published – along with helpful tips and suggestions. It also presents a vision for a path forward for further transformation and recoding of scientific publishing. The book is available at, Amazon, Apple iBooks, and Barnes & Noble.

Members are invited to notify ISMPP when they publish or present information related to the Society or medical publications, as a basis to share with ISMPP’s membership. Please contact Anna Geraci, ISMPP’s Director of Communications, at

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