In lieu of the traditional Committee Member spotlight article, the Roundtable and Abstract Committees from the 12th Annual Meeting Program Committee are being highlighted for their contributions to ISMPP.

Roundtable Committee

Roundtable sessions provide a professional forum for attendees to exchange ideas, experiences, and information with their colleagues and peers around pre-selected topics identified by the ISMPP membership as key areas of interest to the medical publication community. In recent years, select roundtable topics have qualified for ISMPP CMPP™ credit.

Roundtables are consistently ranked as one of the most popular offerings at the Annual Meetings. Annual Meeting Program Committee members who served on the Roundtable Committee were Erin Sternberg, Lead (Bristol-Myers Squibb); Barbara Rowe (AstraZeneca); Paula Farmer (MedThink); Donna Simcoe (Simcoe Consultants, Inc.); and Terry Materese (Elsevier). They worked to develop 23 roundtable topics across the three days, six of which were new, including:

  • Copyrights
  • Accelerated Trials Challenges
  • Patients and Publications – Current Topics and Trends in an Age of Transparency
  • Working with Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners as Authors
  • Patient Lay Summaries
  • Real World Evidence

ISMPP extends a special thank you to the Roundtable Committee members in selecting topics, recruiting faculty, and onsite support. Additionally, we would like to thank the Roundtable moderators who volunteered their time to lead individual topic discussions. ISMPP members are encouraged to submit topics of interest for future roundtables by completing the roundtable survey circulated each November.

Abstract Committee

Some of ISMPP’s richest Annual Meeting content is from member research. A dedicated team of five Program Committee members constituted this year’s Abstract Committee – Jim Gurr, Chair (formerly MedImmune, currently at Bristol-Myers Squibb); Sharon Suntag (Quintiles); Courtney Leo (Pfizer); Bhakti Kshatriya (formerly Novartis, currently at Publication Practice CounselTM); and Anna Georgieva (Excerpta Medica).

Following a detailed submission review process, four abstracts were invited as oral presentations, and 32 were invited as posters, including five encore posters from the 2016 European Meeting of ISMPP. The Abstract Committee reviewed each poster in advance of the meeting, as well as onsite, to determine winners in the following categories: Best Practice, Best Original Research, and Best in Visual Communication. Poster winners were invited to present their research at the 12th Annual Meeting Highlights ISMPP U, mentioned in the ISMPP Committee Spotlight article above.

To further highlight the value of research in the medical publications space, the Program Committee introduced a new meeting feature, Guided Poster Tours, centered on themes determined by the focus of the submitted research. The tours allowed for a more in-depth discussion and focus on select posters. Nine posters in total were featured throughout three separate tours, led by a member of the Abstract Committee. This year’s Guided Poster Tour themes were:

  • Quality & Transparency
  • Metrics & Measurements
  • Professional Issues & Industry Trends

The Abstract Committee took on the challenge of both the content and logistical management of the Guided Poster Tours. Hours of work were involved to develop this new meeting feature, in addition to reviewing all of the abstract submissions. ISMPP would like to extend a sincere thank you to this group of individuals for their time and dedication to ISMPP. The Guided Poster Tours were extremely well-received, and plans are to expand on this feature at next year’s Annual Meeting.


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