ISMPP Committee Spotlight: Asia-Pacific Education Task Force (APET)
Tim Collinson, ISMPP CMPPTM, Business Unit Head, West Coast, Fishawack Communications

ISMPP’s Asia-Pacific Education Task Force (APET) has the goal to build and champion the foundations for good publication practice in Asia-Pacific, through education initiatives and by sharing knowledge across the region.

The 2015–2016 Taskforce comprises many returning members: Julie Newman, continuing her role as chair for a second term; with Tim Collinson, Balaji Ganesan, Rebecca Lew, Bruce Shao, Kanaka Sridharan, and Eric Yu; and joining APET in 2015: Lin Lin, Kalyan Pulipaka, and Jocelyn Graf. This group works together to contemplate the publication planning and scientific communications needs of key groups across the region (e.g. authors, editors, publishers, healthcare professionals, academics, and publication planners) and meets on a monthly basis to discuss the hot topics. The Task Force takes selected topics forward in the form of educational sessions using the ISMPP U webinar platform.

Following encouraging uptake of the 2014 program, APET has begun its 2015 program, having recently held a session in March – A practical guide to implementing global publication planning practices in Asia-Pacific countries and emerging market regions – and with more to follow:

  • Waking the Sleeping Tiger: an overview of scientific publications in India (June)
  • Back to basics: a review of good publication practices for Asia-Pac (September)
  • Update on GPP3: understanding its impact on publications practice in Asia-Pac  (November)

Look out for the APET presence at the ISMPP Annual Meeting. In addition, APET’s Tim Collinson and Julie Newman will be leading a pre-meeting workshop on Publication Planning in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Besides the development of a tailored education program for the Asia-Pacific region, and participation in the EU and Annual ISMPP meetings, APET has an ongoing remit in 2015–2016 to develop outreach to potential sponsors for Asia-Pacific meetings and other activities in the region. This includes working with ISMPP’s Sponsorship Committee to target regional geographical companies to sponsor regional meetings and/or events, in addition to the valued support by global/international companies.

APET remains aligned with the ISMPP Asia-Pacific Advisory Committee, and will be providing program development and logistical support for the Committee’s inaugural conferences in 2015 in Tokyo and Beijing, on publication practices in the region.

For more information and/or to contribute to the Asia-Pacific Education Task Force, please contact Julie Newman:; or tel: +1 301-398-0795.

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