As I thought about what our Society accomplished in 2014 my thoughts continually returned to the great people that belong to this profession and support the important work we value so greatly.

A good example of this was our December 9, 2014 off-site Board of Directors meeting. I believe it is significant to note that this was the first time the Board has ever held two live meetings in one year and reflects the increased governance and input that the profession provides to help guide our Society. Key objectives of the meeting included:



  • Review of ISMPP’s strategic imperatives and longer term vision
  • Assessment of progress of ongoing initiatives and committee activities
  • Discussion of next steps for any remaining proposals
  • Review of 2014 finances and finalization of 2015 operating budgets
  • Discussion of infrastructure and business continuity needs

As indicated in the first bullet above, ISMPP operates based on a strategic plan that is established and directed by the Board. You will hear in greater detail some of our more important 2015 initiatives at our Annual Meeting, however I wanted to list the main pillars that have been created:


  1. Evolve and visibly advocate best practices
  2. Broaden global presence and outreach
  3. Collaborate and build relationships with key external stakeholders
  4. Increase membership and sponsors, effectively supporting their current and future needs
  5. Align internal infrastructure, resources and processes to meet evolving requirements

In closing, I want to highlight one key 2015 initiative that you will be hearing more about. Following our successful Leadership Summit meetings in Tokyo and Beijing last year, the Board has approved ISMPP holding two 1-day educational conferences in Japan and China in September of this year. This is a critical turning point for our organization and will involve significant effort on the part of our Asia Pacific Advisory Committee and Asia Pacific Educational Task Force, led by Karen Woolley and Julie Newman respectively.

Thank you again for all you do as a Member, Committee Member, Exhibitor or Corporate Sponsor to help make our Society successful. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have suggestions for improvement to the map or if you would like to suggest any topics for inclusion in future issues of the newsletter. You can reach me at

With very best wishes,
Al Weigel, ISMPP President and COO

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