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ISMPP Member Publications and Presentations

ISMPP is pleased to share these recent publications and presentations by Society members. We encourage members to publish and present research and information related to publishing practices to advance the medical publications profession, and improve standards and best practices…

Asia Pacific Meeting of ISMPP: An Important Regional Achievement

The second Asia Pacific Meeting of ISMPP, held September 5, 2017, in Tokyo, Japan, was attended by over 125 individuals from 10 countries. Attendees represented a diverse group, including the pharmaceutical industry, medical communication companies, academia, journal editors/publishers, and government…

Message from Our Leadership

Carolyn Hustad
At-Large Trustee, 2017-2018 ISMPP Board of Trustees

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News and Trends

Leveraging External Insights in Publication Planning

In today’s world, the need for pharmaceutical companies to quickly publish and disseminate their data is higher than ever. And, although fast is fine, accuracy is everything. As we rush forward, we need to ensure that publication planning goes beyond just dissemination of data. Instead, it should…

Embracing Change in Medical Publishing: The Open Pharma Project

Do pharmaceutical companies have a role in helping advance the publication of science? This was the question posed by Richard Smith, Former Editor of The BMJ and now Chairman for the Board of Directors of Patients Know Best, at an international meeting held at the Wellcome Trust in London earlier this year…

From Reviews to In-Silico Trials: An Overview of the Publication Landscape

In the current publication landscape, medical writers and other publication professionals need to distinguish and identify the key elements that go into the various types of reviews and analyses. This article will provide an overview of review articles, meta-analyses, and computer modeling, such as in-silico trials, and how they apply to the publication landscape…