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ISMPP Highlights


ISMPP Member Publications and Presentations

ISMPP is pleased to share information about the 51 posters presented at its 14th Annual Meeting, plus recent ISMPP member presentations at MedComms Networking events. The Society encourages members to publish and present research and information…

14th Annual Meeting of ISMPP Sets Attendance Record

2018 has been a great year for ISMPP meeting attendance! First, the European Meeting of ISMPP in January saw a 20% increase from 2017, with 303 attendees. Now, the 14th Annual Meeting of ISMPP flourished with 629 attendees, a 12% increase from…

ISMPP: Looking to the Future

With ISMPP well into its second decade as a professional society, we find ourselves in an excellent position. We have been very successful to date and demonstrated strong historical growth, both in terms of our size and geographical footprint. This year’s Annual Meeting in the US was the largest ever…

Message from Our Leadership

Chris Winchester
Chair, 2018-2019 ISMPP Board of Trustees

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